The Farm

We are a small family run organic farm and creamery located in beautifully rural mid-coast Whitefield, Maine. Our farm is at the end of a dirt road surrounded by conservation land and a close community of friends and neighbors. We have goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, three cats, and Harvey the dog. Patti tends to the goats & sheep and makes cheese and other products from their milk, while Chris does many of the building projects around the farm.  In addition to the animals we also have a large garden and various fruit producing trees & bushes.
Our farm is completely organic.  The animals have free access to a large field, shrub and wooded area to roam, graze & browse.  They all are treated both homeopathically & herbally for both acute illness and general well being. We love visitors on the farm, so give a call and stop by!


2 responses to “The Farm

  1. Ted Pendergrass

    This was the best farm we ever visited Thank You Patti

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