More assorted blizzard photos

Woke up this morning to a white world – and lots of snow!  I love snow & it feels like it has been so long since we have had a real “northeaster”.  So far we have about 29 inches of snow and it is still raging outside – suppose to continue most of the day today.

I shoveled out to the barn & found Payna (the white goat with floppy ears) had her head stuck in the hay feeder – I ran back to the house to get Chris (after trying to get her out myself – which didn’t work too well).  He lifted her up while I coaxed her head out through the wires.  All ended fine and she was happy to be free.

Chris shoveled to the “horse barn” while I shoveled out a path to the water.  The sheep didn’t want to leave their shelter so we just threw them some hay over the wall – they seemed happy.  The goats didn’t seem welcome in the sheep area so they stayed in the other barn, eating the hay I had left there.  Once everyone was fed I took some time to notice the drifts, the way the snow collected on the cobwebs, the light outside, the feel  of the storm.  I love storms!  I love the feel inside the barn during a storm – so cozy!

Here are some assorted storm shots that I took this morning.



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