Turkey Eggs, Chicken Eggs, Easter Eggs

The turkeys have started laying eggs  – and I know what that really means … SPRING!  Last year when they started laying I collected them and tried to incubate them .. didnt work very well after much precise turning and caretaking .. actually it didnt work at all.  but come May the turkeys decided to set on them themselves and low and behold come a month later lots of turkey poults.  So this year I will indeed be patient and let the turkeys do their own thing.  One thing I did find with letting them set on their own eggs was that the turkeys were not quite big enough come Thanksgiving time … but no worries really, I sold some as “pets” or whatever they were going to use them for .. breeding maybe … and then have wintered over the rest.  So because of that I have a bunch of turkeys that need to either find a new home to continue on with their egg laying (I have a couple pairs that I would love to sell) or “go to live with a nice family in upstate New York” .. in other words – anybody interested in trying some  organic heritage turkey for their Easter dinner .. or spring celebration


Turkey Eggs


Chicken Eggs


Easter Eggs


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