thinking things through

Chris & Graham starting the project



This was the building weekend – Graham generously offered to come down for the weekend and help out … good food & a fun completable project – too good to pass up.  What I needed was a box for the creamery where the cheese could go right after it was made – to develop the favorable molds.  After a couple weeks the cheese will go into the basement “cave” where it will continue to age for several more weeks before getting wrapped and stored in the refrigerator or sold.

We have known Graham his whole life – we met when we lived in Vermont.  He is an awesome guy, from an awesome family.  It was so much fun  having him here for the weekend – we worked, ate good food, played lots of games, went for bike rides & swam in the river.




Graham putting the pieces together

screen sides

screened doors


gotta have some fun!

gotta have some fun!



Hold tight Graham

nice ventilation

nice ventilation


finished cheese aging box!

finished cheese aging box!



then there is the  cheese “cave” in the basement


thanks for the help Graham!

Graham putting on the finishing touches


Jump Chris!

Jump Chris!

Guys getting ready for a morning bike ride.

luscious lamb burgers!

luscious lamb burgers!


lunch time!

lunch time!









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