Turkey season is coming to an end and we still have a few birds not spoken for. They are MOFGA certified organic, non-GMO, pastured & very happy birds. They sleep inside the barn at night & every morning when I open their door to let them out they run down the ramp, spread their wings and run around the field … as if to be saying ~ we are free (& I imagine them with big happy smiles) and then they proceed to peck away at the grass and seeds around the field.

We love raising turkeys and for us raising them organically just seems to be the way to go, the natural thing to do. We do not feel comfortable feeding them GMO grain & from what I have both heard & read pretty much any grain that isnt organic is atleast in part GMO.

We also just love having them around ~ they are fun birds with a fun sound … they seem to talk with us, gobbling away in response to our talking. They are very easy to herd & run over to me when I approach the field ~ they have personality.

We treat them with respect & love, give them healthy food & abundant sunshine and fresh air, slaughter them humanely and lastly but surely not least we thank them for giving their lives to provide us with sustenance.



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