Organic sheepskins ~ A special gift that will last a lifetime


Just in time for the holidays we have sheepskins available from our organic pasture raised sheep.  We have a variety of sizes, colors & length of staple.  We have a couple that we bought when our kids were born ~ 21 and 24 years ago!  The kids have moved on and no longer live at home but the sheepskins remain.  I have one in my kitchen rocking chair that I sit in everyday ~  I love it!  Come to think of it, maybe when the kids come home for Christmas I will send their sheepskins back with them and use one of the new ones for myself. Prices range from $150 – 200 and I am more than willing to ship them out to you.





The wool comes from the sheep & lambs that are raised on our small MOFGA certified organic farm in Whitefield Maine.  I salt, dry & prepare the fleece then send them off to the tanner in Pennsylvania where they turn them into lovely soft hides.

Christmas, birthday, baby, wedding or that special gift just for yourself!


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