Wow ~  it has been quite a ride this season called spring!  It started with fence fizing the fences .. lots of jury rigging throughout the winter trying to manage all the snow and with the snowmelt came unstable fences and places of escape!


Much thanks go out to Nate, Eoin & Eliot for helping on that early spring day.

Then came the births – so many!  The ewes started things off with healthy little ones.  Great job Mamas!


Then the goats started their process and they too did great jobs and the kids were adorable & very healthy!  they were sold very quickly and are now with their own loving families. Lots of time spent bottle feeding the little ones.


Then the greenhouse needed tending.  The seeds I had planted last fall started growing & we were able to eat greens quite early!


My goal is to grow the vegetables I will use in catering job – about as local as it gets .. cooking with food from our farm!  I cook the lunch for the Bicycle Coalition of Maines Womens Ride in June and experiments this year with starting the cabbage in the greenhouse – so far so good.  I might have to harvest some and keep in the fridge until the day – but in general I am happy with the results.


Then the time came to harvest wild fiddleheads – WOW what a harvest this year was!


We are installing a drip irrigation system into the greenhouse this year.  It arrived and is ready to be installed –  excited about that venture!  Hopefully it will get installed this weekend – pictures to follow.  The ground is prepped and the plants are awaiting their big day of planting.

IMG_1572  IMG_1569IMG_1570

Nick – our new apprentice arrived a few weeks ago and has been a HUGE help around the farm ~  hopefully learning tons in the process!  Here he is preparing to harvest the spring greens.  Thanks NICK!



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