Four Leaf Clovers & Me

I have a relationship with four leaf clovers.  I find them everywhere .. I walk along & look down and there they are … I find bunches of them.  I have had bouquets of them all over the house.  I feel a spirituality with them.  I always feel they are a gift! I never take them for granted & treat each one as special.IMG_0452IMG_6930

I say a prayer of thanks each time one pops into my view –

I thank those who have passed before me ~

I thank my grandparents

I thank the animals who have graciously shared their lives with me

I thank the spirit of people are who not with me physically

I thank mother earth

I thank the ever present energy that surrounds us all


I try to pass the energy of the four leaf clover on to others ~

I slip them in peoples wallets

I put vases of them down in the cabin

I send pictures of them to my son before big exams

I dry them and send in letters

I just give them away

I sometimes feel that I am just a “spokesperson” for the gifts of the universe ..

a conduit of spiritual energy ~  I feel it, I appreciate it, I am thankful, I let it go





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