She Said YES!

This weekend we had a new experience with our cabin guests.  Mike proposed to his girlfriend Jennie.  Mike contacted me a while ago and told me of his “dream”.  He was hoping to have me make them a picnic lunch and then head someplace beautiful, romantic & exciting.  We have a friend who has a canoe stashed in the woods near a beautiful pond ~ we talked with the friend of our idea and he was both game & excited.  Mike loved the idea as well.

Yesterday they headed off about 11 with picnic basket in tow, towles over their shoulders & swim suits under their shorts.


Three hours later they arrived back with HUGE smiles on their faces.  Jennie rushed up to me saying “I am engaged!”, proudly showing her new ring.  Mike was beaming.   Chris & I felt proud to be a part of this romantic scheme. IMG_0431

I thought it might be nice to send them off this morning with some heart shaped blueberry pancakes.  I asked if they would prefer pink smoothy in the name of “love” or go with green smoothy.  They both opted for the green.

IMG_0447 IMG_0446




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