I feel inspired!   Winter is a good time for inspiration (not that one can plan inspiration) .. but it is a time when things slow down and there is room for planning, rethinking and listening.

The first thing that inspired me was reading through the Fedco tree catalogue and finding that they carried mushroom spawn.  I love foraging wild mushrooms, I love cooking with wild mushrooms and I love eating wild mushrooms … why not try my hand at growing them.  I felt that my fate was sealed when while visiting Becca in Nepal we were given tours of local farms involved with mushroom cultivation.

WOW ~  so much inspiration, so many great ideas. I am continuing my study at home by the fire as I read several books preparing for the upcoming growing season.

Then last night we went to an amazing event at and I was again inspired!  Kalettes and Duck.


I loved the kalettes and came home and ordered seed from Johnnys Selected Seed – I am excited to see how they grow here on the farm.  Duck – I have wanted to raise duck for quite sometime but now I REALLY want to raise duck!  Raising the duck will be relatively easy I need to figure out a slaughter house that will process them ~ tomorrows project.


More inspiration to come ……


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