Laundering Sheepskins

Machine or hand wash in cold or warm water (water not to exceed 100 degrees).  The use of kookaburra  or Eucalan Wool Wash  is recommended.  Do not use Woolite, laundry detergents or fabric softeners.

Hand Washing:  put the skin in the tub and hold it under the water until the skin is thoroughly saturated with water.  Gently churn the skin to get the soap moving around the fibers and let soak for 5-10 minutes then rinse.  Gently squeeze out excess water.

Machine Washing: Set to gentle cycle.  Once skin is thoroughly soaked, allow machine to churn briefly.  The more churning, the more the wool will mat.  Let soak 5-10 minutes.  Spin cycle to remove excess water.  rinse if necessary.  Dry. NEVER tumble dry – this will mat the wool even more.

Line dry or dry flat (wool side down) and stretch to shape while damp.  Brush with a soft wire brush when wet, when damp and then when dry.  Do not tumble dry.

Heat will damage sheepskins, resulting in shrinking and hardening of the pelt.



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