Barred Owl Creamery


hand ~ milked

hand ~ stirred

hand ~ made


As of August 1, 2015 We make “Award Winning Cheese”.  Our Organic Feta won first place in the Mixed milk feta category of the American Cheese Society Competition.  AND our hot pepper jelly Cheve won second place.  I make the hot pepper jelly myself with peppers that I grow in our high tunnel.

I feel so grateful and honored to have won those awards!  Stop by and try it yourself!

The newly finished creamery.

In the spring of 2013 Margaret Morris from Glengarry Cheesemaking in Canada came  to the farm for a consultation, with the goal of creating a cheese that will emphasis the terroir of this area.  

Other factors in the discussion were:  the animals, the farm systems , the creamery facilities, our schedule & marketing possibilities.

It was decided to work on developing a sheep & goat blue cheese ~ so off I went.  It was a product development summer.  All in all I feel good about the product that I produced last summer and I am more than excited to continue perfecting the cheese this coming season.

In addition to the blue cheese I continue to make feta and chevre.  I am constantly creating different flavor blends for the chevre ~

stop by and try some of my creations!




Blue Cheese aging in the refrigerator


Barred Owl Blue


Feta Draining


Feta Label

Organic FETA

Organic Feta

hot pepper jelly chevre awaiting labeling

hot pepper jelly chevre awaiting labeling


chevre label




2 responses to “Barred Owl Creamery

  1. bobauvergne

    Love the cheese!

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