Know Your Farmer ~ Know Your Food

Keeping with the idea of our farm – the whole farm, with its many facets we are offering two unique and special CSA opportunities.

Know your Farmer ~

Our hope is that people will support our farm, support us as farmers.  We welcome people to feel a part of the farm, to feel connected to their food, their soap, their wool, their sweets.  In keeping with this thought monthly CSA pickups will be at the farm to offer people an opportunity to see what is happening that month – to check things out, to visit, “know your farm” and in turn “know your food”.  In May come see the baby animals, see the garden freshly dug, see the apple trees starting to blossom.  then in July when you come to pick up your chicken you will see how things have progressed, you will have a chance to watch things grow ` and so the seasons come and go – while you are experiencing life on our farm – your farm “for a year”

“A year on our farm” CSA – $350

  • July – Chicken
  • August – Sheep milk Ice cream & cookies
  • September – Feta Cheese
  • October – Canned goods from the garden (applesauce, salsa, hot pepper jelly & whatever else grew in abundance over the summer)
  • November –  Heritage Turkey & pumpkin or apple pie
  • December – Balsam wreath & Christmas cookies
  • January – Bread & stew
  • February – Organic Wool stuffed pillow
  • March – chicken & turkey eggs
  • April – Sheep milk caramels
  • May – Goats milk soap
  • June – Chevre & crackers


“Farm to Table” CSA

The idea behind this unique CSA is for people to not only “Know your Farm – Know your Farmer” but to take that one step further to “Know your farmer – Know your Cook” .. to have the opportunity to see where your food comes from, to experience life on our farm, to taste its bounty, to enjoy the wonders of colors & food sensations.  I love to farm and I love to Cook but most of all I love to share what I cook with others ~  it is my passion.  Food connects us to the earth, food is energetic, food is comforting – food is colorful!

Each month members will receive a meal from our MOFGA certified farm to your table – Pickup will be at the farm, to again share in the wonders of the seasons on our farm.

Seasonal menu with enough food to feed 2 hearty appetites!   $600 per year (or $60 per month for partial year)

Email or call for more information 207.549.5497


Farm Fresh Quiche with wild mushroom, kale, fresh cheese & assorted other vegetables.

Farm Fresh Quiche with wild mushroom, kale, fresh cheese & assorted other vegetables.

watermelon, cucumber & feta salad ~ a refreshing treat!

watermelon, cucumber & feta salad ~ a refreshing treat!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs


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