Our Story


Patti had a vision … she dreamed of having a sheep farm –had it all planned out …sheep in the field, a home built by our hands, and living off the land as much as possible. In 1990, 6 months after our daughter Becca was born, we bought our first home (not quite built by our own hands, but  hey ..).  Within days of signing the papers we ordered our very first chickens.  It was late in the summer and we didn’t have housing set up but we knew that if we waited until “we were all set up” it might never happen.  So we devised a shelter for them with corrugated tin and let them roam freely in the fenced in garden area.  Patti’s mind was set on raising some sort of fiber animal – we were not yet comfortable enough with farming & didn’t think we had enough land to get sheep right away so we chose angora rabbits.

So within weeks we had begun our farming adventure!

In 1995 we moved to Maine.  With a mission to continue farming we drove our two door Honda civic  with rabbit cages tied on top.  Our farm increased as the years went by.  As our son Abe grew his desire for a pig of his own increased – so by his 4th birthday we decided to surprise him.  A local farm had North American guinea hogs.  We bought Abe one – but when we went to pick it up everyone suggested another pig as a companion “for just a few weeks” – that few weeks turned into years.  At that point we were living in a rented house and really wanted a place of our own with more land.

As a homeschooling family we shared a philosophy of living as close to the land as possible, sharing the earth’s bounty, and being one with the natural world.  Just when Patti was leaning towards more committed farming, possibly with dairy animals, an acquaintance asked if we would like to take care of her two goats for a year while she went off to school…what a gift!  After the year the friend changed her mind about farming ~ so luckily for us the goats stayed!  Patti loved milking, loved experimenting with cheese – loved the whole process. Gradually we have become an increasingly established farm with a growing number of animals.

We have been farming in Whitefield since 2000. Our farm is MOFGA certified organic, and we try and make our lifestyles as sustainable as possible—for example, most of the food we eat comes from right here at Hamilton Farm! We are committed to living simply and organically in order to show the earth and its inhabitants the love and respect they deserve. We are excited to share our passion for farming, so feel free to contact us and learn more about our farm. We’ll be here, doing what we love to do with the land and animals we love to care for!




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