We sell pasture-raised,  chickens, heritage breed turkeys, grass-fed lamb, and pork.  We also sell  eggs,  goat’s milk soap,  sheep skins, wool pillows, cheese,  milk, keifer,  and yogurt.  For more information about our creamery and catering go to the Barred Owl Creamery page.

All of our animals are happy, healthy, and completely organic.


they come in a range of colors    $150-$300
shipping cost additional





 Wool Pillows

Our Pillows are filled with soft lofty organic wool.  Dust mites can not thrive in wool, thus making an organic wool pillow allergen-free, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant.  The wool is fluffy and light creating extra air pockets for perfect temperature regulation  so your head stays cool while you rest. YIPPEE! Prices

$85 for standard

$100 for queen/king

shipping cost is minimal but additional

Washed & carded wool getting put in the pillow bags

Sheep & Goat Milk Soap


Unscented & wrapped in birch bark

We also have a new soap product – activated charcoal & peppermint!

$4.50 / square bar  or 2 for $8

shipping cost additional


Organic Pastured Meat

We also sell pastured broiler chickens, heritage turkeys, pork & lamb.  Presently we do not sell any meat outside of Maine.  If you are interested email or give a call and we can add you to the list.  The broilers are available the end of July (it is also possible to buy them frozen at other times during the year).  Turkeys are ready the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Pork is sold by the half or whole animal ~  usually ready late fall.  Lamb is sold by the whole animal.  Pork & lamb will be delivered to the butcher and if you are interested then you will work with the butcher to have them cut in whatever way works best for you.  If you are new to this type of process we can work with you!

Email or call for prices.

costa rica, winter & spring animals 2012 779

PA050007 11          DSC03112






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