So, what do people think about our farm? Check out this blog by an intern who spent a month here, or read a review by someone else who volunteered:

“I had a wonderful experience with the Hamiltons! It was my first WWOOF experience and I felt very at home, comfortable and taken care of. My work included: milking the goats, making cheese, weeding the garden, harvesting vegetables, fixing the fence, feeding the animals etc.

Patti is Queen of the farm while Chris has a separate job and is gone a lot of the time. They are both wonderful people. I learned a lot from Patti including wild mushroom picking and soap making. She’s is extremely enthusiastic and inspired in the kitchen and garden. You will eat very well! The animals are loved and taken care of. I plan on going back sometime soon.”

Katie, a 19 year old girl who stayed with us for two weeks boasts about her time at Hamilton Farm,

“The experience was eye-opening. To see what it was like to take care of the animals and work in the garden was a wonderful opportunity.  I highly recommend a visit to the Hamilton’s if you’re interested in farming, gardening, or cheese making. You will work hard! Patti is the type of woman who gets more done in one day than I normally get done in a week. She’s go, go, go! The food is amazing and the cheese is the best I’ve ever had. In one word, my time here has been PRICELESS.”

Here are a few “in the news” articles:







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