Cheesemaking Workshops



Waiting for the Whey to Become Clear: Empowerment through Cheese making

Two-day workshop: Friday –Sunday

Cost: $400 per person (includes meals)

Accommodations are available on our farm

Have you ever wanted to make home-made cheese but were intimidated?  Have you ever gone to the library and been overwhelmed by the vast selection of cheese making resources?  This is your chance to take charge and make the mozzarella that you’ve always dreamed of!

Our workshops are offered in our creamery and focus on teaching the basic skills and theories of cheese making.  You will leave the workshop with all of the basic principles and recipes for making fresh cheese as well as the confidence to experiment in your own kitchen.  You will start by milking the goats and then slowly move through the process of cheese making.  Throughout the weekend you will learn to make chevre, mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt, and a hard cheese.






Cheese making



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